Photo Challenge!

Teachers and students, we want to hear from YOU!

We, at Project Respect, work throughout the year to raise funding to be able to continue to provide free services to many schools and communities that are beyond what is financially funded through our grant partnership with the Ohio Department of Health.   As part of an annual fundraising event this spring, we are putting together a short video and we need your help!

To help us out, all we need you to do is respond to the question below:

How has Project Respect impacted you?

Here’s what to do (see above photo for format):
1. Answer the question!
2. Write/type(please make sure it is readable!) your answer and attach it to on a piece of construction paper, poster board, cardboard, dry erase board, anything that is big enough!
3. Smile and have a pal snap a photo of you holding your sign. Please see more sample photos posted in our Photo Challenge event on our facebook page.
4. Send us your photos! Please submit by March 17, 2017!

Sending options:
-Post your photos to this facebook page or our twitter page @ProjectRespect
-Send your photos to: katie@projectrespectnwo.org

For helping us out, we’ll give you a free t-shirt (while supplies last; limited sizing available!) You will be contacted for details after you post or send your photo!

In-Service 2014



Turning the Tide on Risky Youth Behavior

8:30 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.
22600 State Route 34, Archbold, Ohio
Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided


Featured Speakers

Britney Ward,
MPH Director of Community Health Improvement Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio

Dan McGee
Chief of Police Montpelier, Ohio

Katherine Zartman
Assistant Prosecutor Williams County

Workshop Objectives

Highlight data trends of NW Ohio youth

Review the correlation of multiple risky behaviors

Discuss initiatives happening in NW Ohio to confront harmful youth tendencies

Identify warning signs of risky behavior and establish strategies of intervention

Gain insights from both a local law enforcement and judicial perspective

For more information, call Project Respect at (419) 636-2000 or email jackie@projectrespectnwo.org

2014 In-Service Registration

The Facts

Each day in America
2,857 high school students drop out
847 babies are born to teen mothers
187 children are arrested for violent crimes
16,244 public school students suspended
5 children or teens commit suicide
4,408 babies are born to unmarried moms
408 children are arrested for drug crimes
Info courtesy of
Children’s Defense Fund – 2014

At Project Respect, we believe each generation has the power to shape and change the world. We directly address current issues teens face everyday, including media pressures, Dating violence, bullying, sexting, internet safety, unhealthy relationships and more.

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